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Lakes Region Bicycling is committed to improving conditions for bicycle riding throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We will be working with local and state governments to make sure they consider the interests of the bicycle-riding community when they make their plans. One of the most important projects we are tackling is to improve the width and condition of the shoulders on the roads around Winnipesaukee. We believe that wide shoulders around the lake will bring many more bicycle riders to the region. To learn more about our activities and the “Wide Shoulders Around Winnipesaukee” (WSAW) initiative, please click on the links below.

“Wide Shoulders Around Winnipesaukee” (WSAW)

Riding your bicycle around Lake Winnipesaukee can be a great experience – but it could be even better if local and state governments worked together to improve and widen the shoulders around the lake. Lakes Region Bicycling works with other advocacy groups and the Lakes Region Planning Commission to promote the vision of a safe bicycle route all the way around Lake Winnipesaukee featuring wide shoulders.

If you would like to help promote this vision, please email .

Thank You for your support!

NH Bicycle Safety Law Signed by Governor

Terrific news for all bicycle riders in New Hampshire!

As of Jan. 1, 2009, a new state law will require motorists to allow bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing, with an additional foot required for every 10 mph increment above 30 mph. The law will also allow bicyclists to pass stationary cars and trucks on the right side when safe and enable bicyclists to use designated traffic turn lanes. To aid motorists, bicyclists traveling at night will be required to wear at least one item of reflective clothing.

Special thanks to Dave Topham, the founder of the Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire , who championed the bill and worked hard to get it passed!

To learn more about the bill and how it was passed, read this article from the Concord Monitor.


Bicycle Friendly Lodging

To help promote bicycle riding and bicycle tourism in NH’s Lakes Region, Lakes Region Bicycling is instituting a “Bicycle Friendly Lodging” certification program.

To qualify as “Bicycle Friendly Lodging” a facility must:

  1. Offer safe and secure storage for guests’ bicycles. This can include allowing bicycles in quests’ rooms or providing a separate lockable storage facility
  2. Be familiar with bicycling in the Lakes Region and be able to offer tips and suggestions for safe and scenic rides for different levels of bicycle riders

Once an establishment is judged to qualify for this certification, they may use the Bicycle Friendly Lodging icon which appears below:

Bicycle Friendly Lodging Icon



Bike-Walk Alliance of NH


Bike-Walk Alliance of NH Logo



Mission Statement

The Bike-Walk Alliance of NH (BWA-NH) is to be the statewide focal point for bicycling and pedestrian related issues including safety and education programs, to act as a clearinghouse
and resource for literature, and to promote viable programs initiated by other organizations.

For answers to some general questions about the BWA-NH, please check out our Frequently
Asked Questions
(FAQ) page.

BWA-NH Goals

1. To be the voice for bicyclists and pedestrians in New Hampshire.
2. To ensure streets are bicycle and pedestrian friendly.
3. Provide resources and support bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages.
4. Endorse the IEE Program (Inform, Educate and Enforce) via the public, state, and private agencies.
5. To be the statewide liaison for all bicycling clubs.
6. Promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, education, and trail access.
7. Advocate for cyclists and pedestrian rights.
8. Publicize that bicycles are legal vehicles on our roadways.
9. Enhance state and local laws to incorporate the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Membership Information: To learn more about membership, please use this link:

Web Site: