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Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition

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The mission of the Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition is to effectively improve bicycling conditions, safety, parking and the road network as well as to provide education and promotion of bicycling in Concord and surrounding communities.  Our success is based on collaboration with municipalities, regional planners, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, local and regional businesses and bicycling focused groups and individuals throughout the state.  A critical focus is our work with local and regional planners and municipal officials to construct bicycle lanes and improve roads and conditions to be more bicycle friendly so that new and expert bicyclists feel safer and more confident in bicycling on our roads and trails.  Equally as important are our efforts to raise awareness of bicyclists on roads, bicycles as viable transportation vehicles and outreach programs that will provide bicycle safety education, guided bicycle rides, enforcement of the 3-foot rule and similar laws and the publication of materials.

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NEMBA – New England Mountain Bike Association




NEMBA is a recreational trails advocacy organization. Their mission is to ride on the best trails that the world has to offer. Luckily, most all of them are in New England, so we don’t have to travel far. They dedicate ourselves to taking care of the places that they ride, preserving open space, and educating the mountain bike community about the importance of responsible riding.

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Granite State Triathlon Club

Granite State Triathlon Club Logo

The Granite State Triathlon Club was organized to foster national and international multisport competition through the support and development of amateur athletes throughout New Hampshire. Members are individuals of many different ages and abilities, striving to achieve a common goal; to support and encourage the growth of triathlon as a sport in the Granite State

As a member of the Granite State Triathlon Club, you become part of the growing number of triathletes who live, work, train, and race in the great state of New Hampshire. If you have any questions about how their non-profit organization operates or how to join, please contact them at:
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New Hampshire Cycling Club & Team New Hampshire




The New Hampshire Cycling Club & Team New Hampshire began in 1991 for the purpose of promoting competitive bicycle racing among people of all ages, with particular emphasis on master, junior and women’s racing. Each summer NHCC promotes a twenty plus week race series at the New Hampshire International Speedway, which attracts over one hundred riders a week from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

The club encourages recreational riders, new participants in the sport, and women to ride in their weekly racing event at the NHIS. Entry fees are reduced for junior riders and they provide onsite coaching for the younger riders. Most importantly, the Thursday night event provides new entrants into the sport with a safe introduction to bicycle racing. The club’s annual membership fee is $25.00, and their membership year runs from April 1st of each year. Any member of NHCC may elect to join their sponsored race team and ride in USCF sanctioned events as a member of Team New Hampshire.

The club and its race team are volunteer based organizations. Riders who race on the sponsored team are expected to volunteer at club promoted races, including the Concord Criterium.

As a club member you are entitled to receive member discounts from their sponsor, S&W Sports, as well as a discounted season’s pass to the Waterville Valley Nordic Center. You also receive member access to their website, the right to purchase club/team clothing at cost, and access to travel bike cases at no charge through S&W Sports. They also provide member discounts to the NHIS Thursday Night Series.

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The Moultonborough Cycling Club (MCC)

The Moultonborough Cycling Club (MCC) , is dedicated to the encouragement of all aspects of bicycling, including touring and mountain biking.
The purpose of the club is: To sponsor recreational cycling activities, encourage bicycling as a transportation alternative and to promote bicyclists’ rights and safe bicycling practices.

MCC is an all volunteer organization.

Primary Goal: Get together and ride! Get Fit! Have fun! Make new friends.

Secondary goal: Help promote a cycle friendly community.

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Granite State Wheelmen


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Since its founding in 1971 by three intrepid cycling enthusiasts, the Granite State Wheelmen has become New England’s most active adult recreational bicycling club. Through the dedication of many volunteers, GSW promotes safety, education and camaraderie.

Throughout the year, GSW offers its members organized weekday, weekend and multi-day rides for road and off-road adult enthusiasts of all ages. In addition, social events are sprinkled through the regular season. Winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and pizza eating round out the year!

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